I was remembering one of my oldest daughter’s move outs.  She was 18 at the time and moving from a two bedroom apt with a roomie to a studio unit without a roomie.  This was good for her because she liked her privacy.  This was a time so long ago when I could actually lift heavy objects and carry them without much trouble.

As I’m moving boxes around and the kitties (she had 3) were scrambling to get away from me I found an interesting box.  It had “holes first, kittens last” written on it in pen.  I stared at the box a moment thinking, why would she put that on a box?  She didn’t really need a reminder, did she?

I waited until she came back from dropping a load in the van and asked her about the box. She said that she didn’t want to forget to put holes in the box first before putting the kittens in.  As opposed to trying to put holes in it while the kitties were in there?

There must’ve been this look of complete shock on my face.  I did not know how to respond to that.  I surely thought that she, a very smart person (though forgetful), would not need to remind herself that she needs to put holes in the box before putting the kitties in.  I was more shocked to think that she would even think about trying to put holes in the box while kitties were in it.

No kitties were harmed in this move.  The kitties miraculously survived the move. She had to give up the Siamese brothers to another home later on.  She still has the temperamental evil cat, Batman.  You’ll hear about him later.