Dark, cold, and rainy. Those are the words that can describe Arizona at the moment.  Lord knows, it’s hardly ever cold or rainy here.  There are flood watches all over the valley.  So I made the decision to not leave the house today, that includes not bringing my daughter to school.  I didn’t want to get stuck in a wash somewhere and never make it home.  Especially with my daughter in the vehicle.  Sure as hell didn’t wanna end up on the news as one of the idiots that decided to drive through a “puddle” and it ended up being a lake!

So I am taking this time to do homework (sort of), or maybe do some needed housework (maybe not)…I could probably get my 7 yr old to help me…hmmm…I wonder what I could bribe her with.  I really need to find her chore chart and start using it again.  Maybe I’ll do that stuff tomorrow and finish reading my copy of Death’s Mistress by Karen Chance, which by the way is really, REALLY good! I most definitely like that idea best.