Anime – Japanese for animation, or cartoons, in other countries when people say anime they are referring to Japanese animation. In Japan anime refers to all animation.

 Manga – Japanese comic book (graphic novel) is written by a mangaka (cartoonist)

 Otaku – Japanese slang for one who has a hobby that they spend more time and money on than normal people would. In Japan calling someone an otaku is rude. In America an otaku refers to someone who is a fan of anime and manga.

 Cosplay – short for Costume Play. It is when an individual dresses up like an anime or manga character or Japanese rock or Jpop star.

 Hentai – means strange appearance, but also means perverted. Countries outside of Japan use hentai to refer to anime, manga, or video games with pornographic or sex related content. Hentai is not used in Japan for such things instead they use the word ecchi.

 Types of Anime/Manga

  • Kodomo – Directed towards children. Stories are moralistic, teaching children how to behave and be considerate. Episodes are generally standalone.
  • Shonen – High action with male leads. Directed to males between 10 and 18.
  • Shojo – Directed towards girls between 10 and 18. Usually female lead. Stories can be action, romance, comedy, etc.
  • Seinen – Directed towards males 18-30, even to 40. Subject matter varying from avant-garde to pornographic
  • Seijin – Directed towards grown men, referring to sexually overt manga (adult content)
  • Josei – Directed towards females in late teens and adults. same content as seijin

 Anime/Manga Topics

  • Romance – Anime about people falling in love. Romance anime is usually written for girls, though there are some romance anime that are meant for boys.
  • Comedy
  • Ecchi – meaning lewd, sexy or naughty. The anime or manga has sexual content such as skimpy clothing, partial nudity, or full nudity but does not show sexual intercourse.
  • Mecha – Anime/Manga about robots, usually ones big enough for people to sit inside them and control them like people drive cars. Mecha anime often have wars where the robots are used to fight between countries like tanks and planes are used today.
  • Lolicon – slang for lolita complex, meaning a sexual desire for young girls or a young girl who desires other youg girls. In anime and manga it is a genre where young female characters are shown in a sexual way.
  • Shotacon – slang for shotaro complex, meaning an attraction to young boys or an individual with such a desire. In anime and manga it is a genre where young male characters are shown in a sexual way.
  • Yaoi or Shounen Ai – Anime or manga about boys who are in love with other boys
  • Yuri or Shojo Ai – Anime or manga about girls who are in love with other girls
  • Drama
  • Supernatural – Anime or manga about witches, magic, ghosts, or other things that we do not normally see in everyday life