Love Is
Love is like the ocean
it runs blue and deep
You can drown in the sorrow
but the good times you will keep

Love is like a rose

it can wither and die

Unlike my love for you
it grows as time goes by

We have a strange relationship
we are just together or apart
I will treasure our friendship
you will always be in my heart.

To Be With You Again
I long to be in your arms
I long for your kiss
I miss your boyish charms
it is you that I miss

A Wasted Relationship
No one could make me feel the way you once did
In my heart you will always have a place
I’m sorry for the secret from you I hid
Now it’s over, our relationship has gone to waste

Copyright © 1992 Sherill Dewees
Hey! No laughing I was 17, sheesh…Shepie