I read a few news articles, which I don’t normally do.  A huge mistake on my part. 

There was a 24 yr old woman who hid her preganancy from her family and dumped the baby in a trash can. By the time her family figured it out and found the baby it had already passed away.  They tried to revive the baby, notified 911, while on the way to the hospital.  The baby was born alive, but died in the trash can.  She’s being charged with second degree murder and child abuse. 

A 21 yr old mother locks her 2 year old son in a closet while she goes to work.  The boy was found by a constable (court officer) serving an eviction notice.  No one answered the door so he went in to to change the locks.  He found a chair propped against a closet door.  When he opened it low and behold a 2 yr old boy with bruises, a chipped tooth, and no access to food and water. She said that her boyfriend would have been there soon to watch him. She has been charged with 2 counts of child abuse, is on supervised release, and living with her father.  The little boy was turned over to Child Protective Services.

Who leaves their 2 yr old child home alone in a closet! I don’t care how late your gonna be, find someone to watch your child.  I’m outraged by the 24 yr old dumping the baby in a trash can.  What hurts most is that these people planned to do these things.  Did it not occur to them to look for help?  There are city/government programs to help. The really scary thing is that these two stories are in Arizona alone.  Can you imagine what happens in the rest of the world?  It breaks my heart to think about it.  There is nothing more precious in this world than life don’t mistreat it.