My six year old daughter has her friend sleepover for the second time. Which is cool, I love having her here. They have a lot of fun together. However, I have house rules that need to be followed by and my daughter knows this all too well. You know the usual, no jumping on the bed (her room is on the second floor), no jumping off the bed and launching yourself into a pile of plushies, etc. Especially the no running, jumping, hopping, or playing on the stairs…this not followed guarantees to someone(s) time outs. Yeah, I know what some of you are thinking, “time out, does that even work anymore?”. Yes, it does, especially when said children are at an age where they must run and jump around like monkeys. Seat them in a chair that is not attached to any other objects they can come in contact with and it works just fine.

So the girls are playing downstairs, and with rules such as jumping and running about not applying to the downstairs area, they run amok. Which is good. However, as I’m listening to their conversations, I guess the friend had done something that my daughter had deemed not good by my standards and says “No, don’t do that, that’s inappropriate”. I actually fell off the couch laughing so hard after hearing that. Where in the world does a 6 year old get “don’t do that, it’s inappropriate” and use in the correct context?!

Well, if you are a parent and reading this, you would know what I mean and how funny it is that a child says such adult things. If you have anything to share, come one, share it. I love to hear stories of what children say and do, they always catch me by surprise.