I had been babysitting all week.  Since I have a van I thought it would be nice to pick my daughter up from school earlier than normal so she could play with the children.  Especially since it was Friday (4/9), and it was a no homework day. 

I’m driving with a 5-year-old boy, 3-year-old girl, and my daughter who is 7.  All 3 received books from my daughter’s after school teacher, just some things she had she was giving away to the children.  The little boy and my daughter are reading quietly while the 3-year-old is babbling away.

3-year-old: Anyone want to play a game?

My daughter: yes, lets play a game.  What should we play?  Hmm…  How about “Who can stay quiet the longest”?

Both: Yeah!

My daughter: starting NOW!

No sounds are coming from the little boy or my daughter, and the 3-year-old whispers: I’m the quieter one… I’m the quieter one…

My daughter: Lets start over…Who can be quiet the longest starting…NOW!

Again, no sounds from the little boy or my daughter, and the 3-year-old whispers again: I’m the quieter one…and giggles

5-year-old whispers: You’re not supposed to be talking…

3-year-old whispers back: You’re not supposed to be talking either…

My daughter: *sigh* Let’s play another game…

It’s just a cute little story I had to share with you.  Hope you enjoyed it.  I sure had a great laugh living it.  I thought it was great that my daughter would come with a game that would allow no talking while she read even though it didn’t quite work out the way she wanted.

Have a wonderful day and keep those precious little moments close to your heart.