My family and I went to the Phoenix Comicon in downtown Phoenix, Arizona.  It was such a great time, but my feet hurt so badly each day it was rediculous.  This was also the first con that I went to with my whole family.  Yes, I said the WHOLE family.  My husband said that he had fun but he probably would not go to another con.  He had planned on going to various panels, and never made it there.  During the day my eldest daughter came and hung out with us walking around with my granddaughter who is 5 months old.  She didn’t realize how hard going around a con would be with a baby that young.  Live and learn.  That is why I never took my youngest daughter (now 7) to any cons with me.  Still being with the family was great.  Plus I got to see my beautiful granddaughter that I don’t get to see as often as I would like. 

So as mentioned previously I spent days with the family, however at night I was on my own, by choice.  I would hang out and listen to the bands with my best friend.  Actually we spent most of our time in the beer garden (which was an awesome idea!) watching Rockband with Wil Wheaton, Geek Prom, and hanging at the Anime Rave.  Below are a few pics that were taken.  Enjoy!

This guy got on the elevator shortly after I did.  A few more floors down a family got on the elevator that was not part of the con.  He was in the back behind me and my best friend.  The family started to slowly make their way into the elevator and the mother noticed him just as the doors were closing.  She shrieked when she saw him and everyone in the elevator including her husband and son laughed.  Con-goers scare normal people.

This was taken during Wil Wheaton’s Rockband.  It was an awesome sight to watch so many people rocking out with Wil Wheaton.  My picture is in Sepia due to the fact that from my vantage point of the beer garden this was the best the picture was gonna get.  Yes, that is the AZ Ghostbusters, can you guess what song their rocking out to with Wil on drums?  If you guessed the “Ghostbusters” theme song, you are indeed correct!!  Sorry, it still doesn’t win you a prize…

for more info on the AZ Ghostbusters check out their website at

Felicia Day: The Guild, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along Blog (Penny)

Genie Francis: Laura from General Hospital

For all you wrestling fans out there-The Honky Tonk Man: WWF, WCW

That is one HUGE belt!!!

John Schneider from Dukes of Hazard and Smallville, way taller than I expected him to be.

Jonathan Frakes from Star Trek: Next Generation

Levar Burton from Star Trek: Next Generation

Me and the fam with the Generalissimo himself, Stan Lee.  Funny you can barely see my daughter’s face under that giant hello kitty hat!