Here’s a snippet of life that some parents and grandparents may enjoy.

My daughter, her boyfriend, and their beautiful baby girl came over a few weekends ago to visit.  My hubby and her boyfirend had made plans to play golf…in 104 degrees of dry heat.  Which is great for them so they could bond.  It’s always good to get to know your future son-in-law.  Us girls stayed home and stayed nice and cool.

Prior to the boys leaving to have their hot, sweltering golf game we all went upstairs to chat.  We have a large ottomon in the middle of the livingroom.  You know the kind that if I pushed it up against the couch I could actually sleep on it comfortably, and have (I’m 5’3″).  My youngest daughter was sitting on the farthest end with her back to us watching tv.  My daughter put my granddaughter on the ottomon and she proceeded to crawl (fast) towards my youngest (7 yro).  However, in that first attempt my granddaughter lets out this “RRAARRRR” as she’s going after her aunt.

We all stopped for a second and looked at each other.  I turned to my oldest and said, “did she just growl?!”  She nodded her head as we all bust out laughing, except my youngest who was trying to get away from her.  My oldest daughter would pull her back and the baby would continue to try and get to her aunt.

My little one is not around babies very often, but she let her niece play with her (or chase her).  Girl bonding at it’s best.