So far so good.  Continuing on with my exercise routine (if you can call it that). Also, trying to stay within a reasonable and healthy calorie intake.  I have lost 4 lbs so far, and on my way to my goal. 

I did go out and buy a couple more exercise DVD’s. One is beginners yoga (walmart $10.00), which I will need in order to be more limber and to hopefully help my back.  I will probably do mostly sitting positions.  Bought a nice boxing DVD with weighted gloves for $14.00 at walmart.  Not a bad deal.  I always wanted a pair of weighted gloves and this gave me the perfect excuse to buy the DVD.  It’s always nice to have instructions.  It also has some great kickboxing moves.

My weight ins will be on Fridays this way it will coincides with me updating the blog.  I don’t really think anyone is reading this. That’s all good, I’m doing it mostly for me.  It’s good to set up goals for myself or I will never follow through with them.  WIthout a good plan nothing ever gets done.  I can no longer sit and be a lump chilling on the bed thinking about the things I want to do.  It is time to act on them. 

 For those of you who are following and plan on doing the same thing.  Go for it, I’m there with you.  Support is one of the biggest needs in a person’s life.  Without it, it’s hard to keep going.  I thank my wonderful husband for being supportive and telling me it’s up to me to continue on this path.  Whether I lose the weight or not, he will love me no matter which path I choose.  My 7-year-old daughter supports me by exercising with me (she gives up partway through, but at least she tries).

Until next time!