I read an article today that I wish I hadn’t.  “Baby Dies After Being Left in Vehicle”.  I saw this and was completely outraged.  How can anyone forget their child in a vehicle in Arizona when it’s over 100 degrees out.  The child was left in the vehicle for 5 hours after the father got home at 10:30am.  She was only 2 1/2 months old.  She didn’t even begin to live a full life. 

I understand parents come home, their tired, they forget things.  I forget things, never my child, but I do forget things.  Even if forgotten for a short period of time (5 minutes), I would be wondering where is my child and why is it so quiet.  I would be running out to my car and running all over the house searching.   I know it’s hard for single parents, but to leave a child out in the Arizona heat for such a long time?  I don’t understand it.  Something similar happened a few years ago.  A young woman was going to work and left her 5 month old daughter in the vehicle.  She said she forgot she was back there.  Again, this happened during the summer and Arizona gets up to at least 115 degrees.

My youngest daughter is 7 years old not once have I ever forgotten that she was in the car/van.  When I call her and she doesn’t answer, I run through the house like a maniac searching for her.  When I do find her (which doesn’t take long), I ask, “Why didn’t you answer me?”.  Common reply, “I didn’t hear you (because she was watching tv in her room and not paying attention)”. She has learned to make sure to answer me so I don’t freak out.

You are probably wondering, why the freak out.  One, she could have gotten outside somehow, which would be extremely hard since she would have to pass by me to get out. Also the house is like Fort Knox extremely hard to get in or out when you’re 3 1/2 feet tall.   Not even my oldest daughter could do it without me noticing she wasn’t in the house, she’s tried.  Two, something could have happened to her while she was upstairs.  Yes, I know, I’m paranoid.  I would rather be paranoid than have something happen to my child and me not know about it immediately.

All in all, be mindful of your children.  They depend on you to take care of them.  Love and cherish them.