Okay, I am a little late in updating.  You know things happen and I just couldn’t get to the computer open for the life of me.  So here we are with the week 3 update, partway into week 4.  I will be updating again on Friday for week 4.  I will remember to weigh in prior to my morning coffee this time.  Even if I have to stick a note to my forehead.  Well, create a reminder. Oh! I will do that, create a reminder for myself on friday mornings to do my weigh in as soon as I wake up and can see clearly.

Evidently from the title I had not lost any weight last week. However, I did not gain any either.  Thank goodness for that.  I lost track for a bit.  Mostly around the weekend, okay while watching football.  I don’t know what it is but I always have the urge to eat chips and dip while watching a game.  At least I no longer require beer.  Hmmm…beer sounds good.  I refuse to buy any.

This coming sunday I plan on changing it up to chips and salsa, no cheese.  God, I love cheese.  Anyway, I will stay away from it in dip form as it is always my undoing.  I will be trashing the half can I have in my fridge.  If anyone out there has any other suggestions for snacks while watching football I am all ears.  It must be crunchy (unless it’s peanut butter), I don’t know why, but I like crunchy.

Today I found Rice Noodle Soup bowl by Thai Kitchen, Lemongrass and Chili (with a little added cayenne pepper, thank you).  It was really good. Gluten free and cholesterol free with 250 calories.  The noodles are steam cooked instead of fried, which is nice.  For me this is a great alternative to my all important ramen noodles, which has about 380 calories per package.  I can’t just eat half a package of ramen.  Especially, fried ramen noodles…I will stop there.  Dinner tonight will be rice (white) with a catfish fillet.