We are into the 7th week and I haven’t been posting.  Hard to keep up with all the things going around the house.  Been busy.  Anyway, I have been keeping up with my diet and tracking my weight.  So far I have lost 8 pounds, no one was more surprised than me.  I did not get to work out as much these past two weeks due to babysitting.  These kids wear me out! I figure I could add that as part of my exercise for the day.  Chasing children around is hard work. 

Next week will be another crazy week.  However, I will be able to get in a few workouts during the week.  I am so excited!   I love to exercise, and I don’t know why.

On another note, today is my birthday!  Woo hoo!  So glad it happened on Friday.  Gifts received are a new phone, markers for drawing (I will post some of my drawings when I get a chance), manicure and pedicure with my 7 yr old daughter, Predators on DVD, and last but not least will be dinner at a Japanese restaurant.  YAY FOR SUSHI! I have been keeping the calories down all day so that I may enjoy my dinner without much guilt.

Well, hopefully until next week.  Stay strong!