I am into the 2nd week of my new weight loss plan using SlimQuick.  My weight has not changed, however, I feel that my clothes are slightly looser.  That’s the great news!  I have been working out using the guidelines from the SlimQuick guide.  Beginner of course.  After a few weeks I will work up to more strenuous workouts.  So far using my DVD’s which I will add below in case any of you are curious, as well as other equipment around my house.

Belly Dance for Beginners: 31 minutes to help firm and tone your core muscles.  Part of a 4 Disc DVD set of Dancercise videos.  Not the best of the video sets, but fun to do.  It’s a slow and easy video for those of you who may have back issues (as I do).

Dance Off the Inches Hip Hop Party: 44 minutes of cardio that’s fun to do and will help your core muscles.  The steps are not overly complicated and Jennifer Galardi makes the steps seem so easy.  I love doing this on the day that I have to do 45 minutes of cardio as well as doing a core workout.

Aside from the videos above I have also used Resistance Tubes and Total Gym (rowing) for my upper body workout and a Exercise Ball for my abs workout.  For my lower body I have used the Stepper, which also helps with the cardio workout.  Trust me when I say that my thighs hate me when I’m done, but I feel so much better the day after.

My food consumption has not changed.  I still eat what I want, only I don’t eat as much as I did.  Watching my calorie count has helped a lot.  Though I do eat more veggies.

Until next time! Fight-O!