Here I am into my 3rd week, and surprisingly I am down by 2 pounds, but my clothes also feel looser. I am exercising every other day and into taking the SlimQuick pills. In the 3rd week you must take 3 pills in the morning and 3 pills 6 hours later. I have come to the conclusion that using a timer on my IPod or my cell helps a lot. The pills must be taken with a meal or snack.

Exercise videos this week:

• BELLYDANCE FOR BEGINNERS: please see NWLP-2 for details

• DANCE THE INCHES OFF, HIP HOP PARTY: a great energetic 44 minute dance/workout routine. So much fun, yet so tiring.

• WALK AT HOME, WALK WEGHT LOSS BOOTCAMP: I love this one because it’s low impact and includes strength training. This is about 45 minutes long.

With the above exercise videos I have also including a bit of play by playing tennis & baseball on the Wii as well as hitting the heavy bag (boxing).

Will that’s it for this week on the weight loss front. So until next time!