Hello world! I am a week and half behind. Wow time flies when unexpected things happen in life. Okay, so I have not weighed in since the last time I posted. I don’t think I’ve been losing weight as much as I should be.. I only exercised twice last week. I pulled a muscle in my shoulder that rendered me incapable of much movement of my left shoulder for a few days.  Can you believe I did it sneezing?! Yes! I sneezed, tried really hard not to get it everywhere (luckily I was at home) and I pulled a freakin’ muscle! Honestly, I did not plan on sharing that with the rest of the world, but I’m sure some people can relate, I hope. I know at least one other person who has injured themselves while sneezing.

Recent events have also caused me to look for employment, yet again. I was told I was no longer needed two days prior. Isn’t that nice! I am over it, now. I have been looking for work, part-time, so that I can at least be available for my daughter when she needs me and be close to home.

Enough about that. I noticed the other day, I was able to get into an old pair of jeans that I haven’t worn in about a year. Which is great news! Like I said, I don’t feel like I’m losing the weight I should, but I am toning up quite a bit. Especially my legs, doing squats, pliate (why does plate come up for the correction of this spelling? Not sure if it’s spelled properly, so I apologise to the dancers out there) squats, really does wonders for your legs.  Of course moving after a strenuous workout is hard, but I always feel so much better for it.

For those of you actually following along stick with it. I am, I try my best anyway. As long as you stay active and exercise at least 3 times a week I think you will do just fine. As always if you have comments or suggestions of any kind feel free to leave one or send me a message.  I love getting feedback and suggestions.

Until next time! FIGHT-O!