Lots of things in the month of October that are fun.  One being my birthday! Yay!  I had to think really hard on want I wanted for my birthday.  Really, there’s not a whole lot that I want or really need.  So I opted for getting a video, PRIEST, as well as $60 in kindle books.  That’s right I gots me lotsa books!  Also, my hubby took me and my youngest daughter to Casa Filipina Bakeshop in Glendale.  It’s an awesome Filipino bakery and restaurant.  Since we live so far away, we only go on special occasions.  Since the food is so good there, and I don’t have to cook it, it’s a good thing we don’t go very often.  I would have to workout extra hard for that.  Especially since the baked goods are soooooo good.  I have pictures to throw in there for that.

Another great thing about October besides sharing the birthday month with one of my sisters, is Halloween.  I loves to scare the neighbors.  I have pics for that too.  I had a family with four kids that didn’t want to cross the street to get candy.  Two teenage boys were goading each other on who’s going to get close enough to me to get candy.  My neighbor and good friend from across the street didn’t even wanna come near me.  She says I creep her out.  Her husband said he’s gonna get me a strobe light for next year to add to the creepy effect.  I can’t wait!

On a different note, we are into the 17th week of the NWLP.  I actually have not worked out in a couple of weeks.  One I just wasn’t feeling well enough to work out and two I had somehow strained my foot.  I don’t remember what I did to do it, but it was done and I was unable to walk properly let alone work out.  I am hoping to be able to get back on it by Friday.  Cross your fingers for me on that one.

Until next time! FIGHT-O!