It’s good to be back, welcome back and HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I haven’t been on the net so much in the past month and a half due to the holidays.  I will be honest with you, I have not been tracking my food or exercising like I should be either.  However between holidays, vacations and birthdays, surprisingly I have remained active and maintained my weight.  Also my previous computer also took a dive.  yes, it has gone off to electronics heaven…or hell, not sure since it gave me so much trouble.  You know it’s bad when my husband tries to run a virus scan and it shuts down twice and gives the screen of death at least three times in the process.  I can tell you, its nice to have a computer that doesn’t fight me every step of the way.

On to other things, like the last two running routines that I was supposed to have up at least three weeks ago.  I hope some of you were able to find this routine on the fitness magazine website.  if not, my apologies.  I am going to post the 3rd and 4th week of the routine below.  Next week I will start posting the Run a 10K for those of you who want a little more of a challenge.  I personally will have to start back at the beginning again, since I haven’t been keeping up on my run/walk routine.  More walking than running, chasing children…that’s strenuous exercise in itself.


MON – Walk 1.5 miles. Run 10 minutes., walk 2 min.; do a total of 10 times. Walk 5 minutes

TUE – Walk 3-5 miles

WED – Off

THU – Repeat TUE

FRI – Off

SAT – Walk 1.5 miles. Run 10 min., walk 5 min., run 5 min., walk 5 min., run 10 min., walk 5-10 min

SUN – Off (Total 16-20 miles)


MON – Walk 1 mile. Run 3 min., walk 2 min., do a total of 10 times. Walk 5 min.

TUE – Walk 1 mile. Run 15 min., walk 5 min., repeat

WED – Off

THU – Walk 1 mile. Run 5 min., walk 2 min.; do 5 times. Walk 5 min.

FRI – Off

SAT – Walk 1 mile. run 10 min., walk 5 min.; do 3 times.

SUN – Off (Total 17.5 miles)


Until next time! FIGHT-O!