I wanted to talk a bit about weight loss.  Every year I go out and try a new diet. I lose weight, gain it back, and lose it again. It’s a never-ending cycle. I have finally something worth while. I decided to take a 6 week class that was provided for free by my library called “Lose Weight and Keep It Off”. It is done online so it makes it a lot easier for me. The teacher gives a lot of good advice.

This time around I’m not actually dieting, just more watching what I eat. More veggies, without giving up all the other stuff that I like. Just doing it all in portions and not overeating. Also, you learn more about yourself and your eating habits, different ways to deal with stress, creating exercise and food goals that you can live with, and how sleep could be effecting your cravings.

Since I’ve been taking the class I have lost 5 pounds and I am into week 5. I have about 36 pounds to go before I reach my main weight goal. Heck 10 more pounds and I’m happy! I think the extra weight is causing me some major back problems. I believe that is the cause of things, though I could be wrong. Maybe my back is just mad at me for the prior abuse of labor in my youth. Who knows! The weight loss can only benefit and make me healthier. That is the major goal, to be healthy and be able to keep with my daughter.

Check out http://www.ed2go.com/ or your library and see if they have anything like that available. They also have a bunch of different courses you can take for self-improvement or just for fun! I stick mainly with the courses that are free to me (I’m pretty broke) but they have other classes that you pay for if that is what you really wanted to do.

So go out there, learn something new, if you want (not holding a gun to your head) and have fun!

Until next time!! Happy reading and live healthy!