Since the last time I was here my family has expanded a bit. My oldest daughter (in her mid twenties) has had another child on April 10th, a girl! So I am now the grandmother of two beautiful girls. That is the good news. The bad news, they moved out. Unfortunately, upon moving out our daughter filled out a change of address form, after she was already moved out for months. The problem? She wrote down family rather than individual.

You’re probably wondering, what is wrong with that? She still has our last name. So in filling out the change of address form with family checked, our mail has also been moved. I know what she was thinking in doing this, her family, her girls. The thing is, her girls have a completely different last name than hers. We received a notice from the post office saying that all of our mail is being forwarded to where she lives now, if this was done in error then to contact them. So I did, the next day. I couldn’t do anything as far as having it cancelled since my daughter is the one who filled it out. However, I did place a notice in my mailbox as well as going to my local post office.

Our local post office has been absolutely wonderful. We have been getting mail that had not been forwarded prior to receiving the notice. However, anything that did, is going to my daughter’s address. That includes all the bills. Take a breath with me. I contacted my daughter and told her what is happening with what she did. Of course she apologized and said she would get it reversed. I was hoping it would happen shortly after speaking with her. It has been two months and she has finally gotten it reversed. Now we are waiting for oour mail to come back to us. I know breath. I’m so thankful that we have the people working at our post office that we do. We had ordered stuff online, and they have been great in getting them to us. Especially since they are Christmas gifts. Unfortunately our bills are still not getting here.

She is supposed to be mailing us our mail, redundant, yes. We live about an hour away from each other, but she has no vehicle. Since she is the one who made the mistake it is her that has to fix it. I know it sounds crude, but that is the way it is.Children must learn from their mistakes even if the parents are the ones to suffer for it as well.

That’s it for now. Until Next Time!