I’m going to step away from the books for a day and talk a bit about life. Nothing horrendous happened, as a matter of fact something quite nice.

My daughter has swim school every Tuesday afternoon. My daughter wanted to a KitKat bar after class and I was going to buy it for her. Normally she would have bought it herself, but she left her wallet in the car. My daughter is 13 and earns her allowance by doing chores around the house. Most times she has more money than I do.

I was reaching for my wallet. It wasn’t there. I had left it on my desk. Now, since my wallet has my driver’s license, I am nervous about driving home. It’s not like I speed, but the one time I don’t have my license with me would be the one time I get pulled over for something, anything.

Back to the candy bar.  I tell my daughter that I don’t have my wallet. So, like a girl on a chocolate mission she went to the car to get her wallet. In the meantime, the front desk clerk lets me know that I can charge it to the credit card on file. Of course I could charge it to the card, but that would throw my husband off on doing the finances. I am not about to do that to him. I never use the card if I don’t have to. Plus my daughter has her own money.

The mother of the boy in my daughter’s class said that she would buy it for her. I told her she didn’t have to do that because she was getting her money. She said she didn’t mind because someone had paid something for her earlier in the day. She felt she was paying it forward by doing this. Even though the KitKat was only $1.00, it was the gesture that I appreciated. I thanked her and so did my daughter when she came back with her wallet.

After retrieving my wallet from home we went to Safeway with the Starbucks inside. I bought my usual coffee and my daughter of course bought her pastries. I was the last person in line. We were sitting there waiting for our order when an Air Force Officer came in. I waited to see if she would be buying a for a lot of people or just herself. I didn’t have a lot of money and I just used up my gift card. Luckily she was buying for herself. I let the cashier know that I would be paying for her order. She thanked me and I thanked her for her service.

There is hope out there for people. There is kindness in all the chaos that others bring. Believe in that kindness and that others can and will do good.

By the way, I did not get pulled over. Thank goodness!