Paying it Forward

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I’m going to step away from the books for a day and talk a bit about life. Nothing horrendous happened, as a matter of fact something quite nice.

My daughter has swim school every Tuesday afternoon. My daughter wanted to a KitKat bar after class and I was going to buy it for her. Normally she would have bought it herself, but she left her wallet in the car. My daughter is 13 and earns her allowance by doing chores around the house. Most times she has more money than I do.

I was reaching for my wallet. It wasn’t there. I had left it on my desk. Now, since my wallet has my driver’s license, I am nervous about driving home. It’s not like I speed, but the one time I don’t have my license with me would be the one time I get pulled over for something, anything.

Back to the candy bar.  I tell my daughter that I don’t have my wallet. So, like a girl on a chocolate mission she went to the car to get her wallet. In the meantime, the front desk clerk lets me know that I can charge it to the credit card on file. Of course I could charge it to the card, but that would throw my husband off on doing the finances. I am not about to do that to him. I never use the card if I don’t have to. Plus my daughter has her own money.

The mother of the boy in my daughter’s class said that she would buy it for her. I told her she didn’t have to do that because she was getting her money. She said she didn’t mind because someone had paid something for her earlier in the day. She felt she was paying it forward by doing this. Even though the KitKat was only $1.00, it was the gesture that I appreciated. I thanked her and so did my daughter when she came back with her wallet.

After retrieving my wallet from home we went to Safeway with the Starbucks inside. I bought my usual coffee and my daughter of course bought her pastries. I was the last person in line. We were sitting there waiting for our order when an Air Force Officer came in. I waited to see if she would be buying a for a lot of people or just herself. I didn’t have a lot of money and I just used up my gift card. Luckily she was buying for herself. I let the cashier know that I would be paying for her order. She thanked me and I thanked her for her service.

There is hope out there for people. There is kindness in all the chaos that others bring. Believe in that kindness and that others can and will do good.

By the way, I did not get pulled over. Thank goodness!


Children Make Mistakes…Still

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Since the last time I was here my family has expanded a bit. My oldest daughter (in her mid twenties) has had another child on April 10th, a girl! So I am now the grandmother of two beautiful girls. That is the good news. The bad news, they moved out. Unfortunately, upon moving out our daughter filled out a change of address form, after she was already moved out for months. The problem? She wrote down family rather than individual.

You’re probably wondering, what is wrong with that? She still has our last name. So in filling out the change of address form with family checked, our mail has also been moved. I know what she was thinking in doing this, her family, her girls. The thing is, her girls have a completely different last name than hers. We received a notice from the post office saying that all of our mail is being forwarded to where she lives now, if this was done in error then to contact them. So I did, the next day. I couldn’t do anything as far as having it cancelled since my daughter is the one who filled it out. However, I did place a notice in my mailbox as well as going to my local post office.

Our local post office has been absolutely wonderful. We have been getting mail that had not been forwarded prior to receiving the notice. However, anything that did, is going to my daughter’s address. That includes all the bills. Take a breath with me. I contacted my daughter and told her what is happening with what she did. Of course she apologized and said she would get it reversed. I was hoping it would happen shortly after speaking with her. It has been two months and she has finally gotten it reversed. Now we are waiting for oour mail to come back to us. I know breath. I’m so thankful that we have the people working at our post office that we do. We had ordered stuff online, and they have been great in getting them to us. Especially since they are Christmas gifts. Unfortunately our bills are still not getting here.

She is supposed to be mailing us our mail, redundant, yes. We live about an hour away from each other, but she has no vehicle. Since she is the one who made the mistake it is her that has to fix it. I know it sounds crude, but that is the way it is.Children must learn from their mistakes even if the parents are the ones to suffer for it as well.

That’s it for now. Until Next Time!

Weight Loss Again?!

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I wanted to talk a bit about weight loss.  Every year I go out and try a new diet. I lose weight, gain it back, and lose it again. It’s a never-ending cycle. I have finally something worth while. I decided to take a 6 week class that was provided for free by my library called “Lose Weight and Keep It Off”. It is done online so it makes it a lot easier for me. The teacher gives a lot of good advice.

This time around I’m not actually dieting, just more watching what I eat. More veggies, without giving up all the other stuff that I like. Just doing it all in portions and not overeating. Also, you learn more about yourself and your eating habits, different ways to deal with stress, creating exercise and food goals that you can live with, and how sleep could be effecting your cravings.

Since I’ve been taking the class I have lost 5 pounds and I am into week 5. I have about 36 pounds to go before I reach my main weight goal. Heck 10 more pounds and I’m happy! I think the extra weight is causing me some major back problems. I believe that is the cause of things, though I could be wrong. Maybe my back is just mad at me for the prior abuse of labor in my youth. Who knows! The weight loss can only benefit and make me healthier. That is the major goal, to be healthy and be able to keep with my daughter.

Check out or your library and see if they have anything like that available. They also have a bunch of different courses you can take for self-improvement or just for fun! I stick mainly with the courses that are free to me (I’m pretty broke) but they have other classes that you pay for if that is what you really wanted to do.

So go out there, learn something new, if you want (not holding a gun to your head) and have fun!

Until next time!! Happy reading and live healthy!

Belly Fat Diet Plan (BFDP)

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Yes, that’s right, a new diet plan. I have to say that I was actually excited to start this one. I found the book on amazon (kindle) for free (not sure if it’s still free). Thought I should read through it and see if it’s something I can commit to. If I did decide to try it out then I would wait a week before posting anything about it. Well, I tried it and I like it.

Since trying the plan I have lost 6 pounds in one week. However that is without exercise. I’m trying to get back into the routine of exercising 6 days a week. So far I have made it to at least two. Of course that’s what happens when one goes on vacation and has a hard time getting back into the routine. I’m such a procrastinator.

Here’s the plan. For more information on the BFDP please check out the book on amazon. I have also included the food list. You’re allowed one cheat per week as long as it’s not in excess. Like have that pizza you’ve been craving, but keep it to a minimum of 2 slices rather than gorging yourself on a whole pizza. Also drink lots of water. Especially if you’re exercising more than the recommended 30 minutes per day. You will also need to take vitamin supplements such as Vitamin C (1000mg), B-complex (ask doctor for recommended dose), and high-grade fish oil (1000mg).


  • eat only foods on the list
  • eat as soon after waking as you can (even if it’s a snack)
  • no more than 3 hours time-lapse between meals (can eat 3 main meals with unlimited snacks or several mini meals and snacks all day
  • eat 1 sweet treat per day (optional)
  • 1 per week planned cheat, according to guidelines
  • take recommended supplements twice per day, every day
  • 30 minutes, 6 days a week
  • try to get at least 7 hours of sleep per night
  • drink a minimum of 5 bottles of water per day


1. Always warm up for two minutes, whether doing cardio or strength training
2. Always cool down for two minutes by stretching
3. Always begin and end with a moderately paced segment
4. Moderate paced segments should be longer than intense segments: walk at moderate pace for 4 mins and walk at a faster pace for 2 mins (2:1 ratio)
50/50 COMBO BLAST – mon, wed, fri: 50/50 lower body combo (15 mins cardio, 15 mins strength) / tue, thu, sat: 50/50 lower body combo
mon, wed, fri: 30 mins cardio / tue, thu, sat: 30 mins strength training
change out the plan once a month if need be between combo blast and full 30 min workout


chicken breast or ground chicken breast
turkey breast or ground chicken breast
steamed, broiled, baked, boiled or sautéed in olive or canola oil
skim/reduced fat milk
low-fat or non-fat mozzarella and cottage cheese
greek yogurt
milk for use in coffee, cereal and cooking
butter and butter substitutes and other cheeses
fresh, frozen
raw, steamed, roasted, baked, sautéed, stir-fried
canned-contains too few vitamins and minerals and a good deal of sugar and additives
whole wheat, whole grain breads and cereals, brown rice, quinona, barley and whole grain oats
walnuts, pine, Brazil, pecan and almonds
almond butter or sesame butter
olive oil and canola oil
pumpkin, poppy and sesame seeds
frozen pops with no added sugar
frozen sorbet with no added sugar
non-fat pudding with sugar
dark chocolate
Balsamic Vinegar
Rice Vinegar
hot sauce
soy sauce
teriyaki sauce
herbs and curry
nori (seaweed paper)
bran flakes
dried: blueberries, cranberries, cherries, apricots, peaches, pineapples, figs
coffee, green tea and black tea (black or with low-fat milk if need be)
unsweetened protein powder
agave nectar
artificial and flavored creamers
juice (not enough fiber)
flavored water
That’s all for now. Until next time. Good luck to you all.

Summer Fun 2012

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I haven’t been on for a few months.  I apologize for that. We had a beautiful trip to Tampa Busch Gardens. Got some awesome pictures.  Even got around to drawing a few things I haven’t had a chance to for a while.  No dieting or exercising over the summer much. Too freakin hot!  We start the dieting and workouts again once the school year starts again. I’ve been feeling so lazy it’s going to be hard to get back into it, but I will not give up.  The next goal is to lose 10 pounds by the end of the year.  For your enjoyment a few of my favorite pics from our family vacation.  I had more pics but I didn’t want to overwhelm everyone with my mediocre photo skills.  Until next time!

NWLP-Week 19

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I know I am late in updating the blog.  My apologies.  Unfortunately I have yet to start the walking/running routine I posted on the NWLP-Week 18 post.  Still not up to 100% percent.  With the coming holidays zooming in to want to take control it’s even harder to get back on the routine.  I am determined to start it back up next week.  I will have more time to do so.

So as promised here is the 2nd week of the walk/run routine.  You would have walked/ran a total of 18-20 miles when you finish the routine at the end of the week.

Monday – walk 1.5 niles.  Run 5 minutes, walk 5 minutes, do this 3 times. Walk 1-2 miles

Tuesday – walk 3-5 miles

Wednesday – off

Thursday – walk 1 mile.  Run 3 minutes every half mile until you reach 3.5 miles.  Walk 0.5 miles

Friday – off

Saturday – walk 1.5 niles.  Run 5 minutes, walk 5 minutes, do this 3 times. Walk 1-2 miles

Sunday – off

Next week I will include the 3rd week of the routine.  I am not going to lie, it looks like it will get more challenging.  Hey, that’s what it’s all about.  Being able to meet those challenges and getting stronger as well.  Continue on the path you feel is right.  Again, if you are not comfortable with starting the week 2 routine, then by all means continue with the week 1 routine.  You are the only one who can know if you are comfortable enough to move on.  i personally stick with the first routine until I am confident that I can move on to the second one.

Until next time – FIGHT-O!

NWLP-Week 18

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Another week has passed and I have yet to exercise like I was supposed to.  Mostly do to not feeling well.  Its passing, but taking its sweet time to do so.  I have not fallen off the wagon, as far as overeating.  I have been able to maintain.  However, I feel slightly flabby and lack energy that I normally would when working out.  I know that’s the cause of feeling so out of sorts, other not being well.

I am planning on starting that run I have been mapping out for myself.  I will definitely start that on Monday, November 14, no matter the situation.  Here’s the plan for starting the run.  The routine was taken out of a back issue of Fitness Magazine, October 2006.  I felt the routine was doable so I kept the issue.  If you want to check out other routines check out

Week 1 – By the end of the week you would have walked/ran 16-18 miles.

Mon – Walk briskly for 1 mile. Run 2 minutes every half mile until you reach 3.5 miles. Walk .5 miles

Tues – Walk 3-5 miles

Wed – Off

Thu – Walk 1 mile.  Run 3 minutes every half mile until you reach 3.5 miles. Walk .5 miles

Fri – Off

Sat – Walk 3-5 miles, including 10 run/walk intervals (run 30 seconds, walk 1 minute)

Sun – Off

Since throwing my back out over a year ago I haven’t been able to run like I want to.  I looked this over and figured it’s something I would be able to do.  Even if I had to stick with this routine longer than the week.  Next week I will include week 2 of the routine.  I will leave it up to you to continue with the week 1 routine or move on to the second week.

Until next time – FIGHT-O!!

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